Meet The Team

At the core of Summit Dental is a friendly team of professionals that are dedicated to your utmost comfort and optimal oral health. 


Office Manager

Jackie is the first smiling face you see when entering our office. Prior to entering our office, she had spent 20 years of her life dedicated to being a nurse. Jackie was ready for a change! She wanted to expand her mind while still having the patient connection.  Jackie is a believer in a positive environment and appreciates all of our patients but especially loves to get to know them. A quote she lives by, “ The world is changed by your example not your opinion.”

Jackie not only is a go getter in the office but she is also one outside of the office. She has hiked Half Dome 9 times and Mt. Whitney! Sometimes bringing along her high school sweetheart and two beautiful girls. Always searching for the thrill of life.


One of our hygienist from Orange, CA that not only focuses on Periodontal disease and healthy gums but she also teaches at the College Institute for Dental Assisting. Stephanie has many years of experience notably as a Hygienist but also as a Dental Assistant adding up to 10 years and counting of expertise. She will not stop there! Stephanie has goals to become certified to provide at-home dental for our community in the coming years. Stephanie believes in providing quality care to her patients and getting to know them so that they can be apart of the family.

The Dental family is not all that she has. She has a beautiful little girl and a husband. They are big believers in family and will travel to see them at any time they can. If they are not traveling to Baja they are gardening and swimming. She is always proud at what she can grow in the ground but even more so in her community and with herself. “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan but also believe.” – Anatole France


Coming in with 2 Associates degrees; Associate of Dental Hygiene and General Associate of Science she is our slightly newest Hygienist. Her sister was a patient at Summit Dental while she was in school to become a Hygienist. Dr Yoshida was kind enough to offer her a temp job. Tawni fell in love with the environment and the people right away. At the time she lived in Apple Valley and commuted. Once there was a full time position available Tawni snagged it up and it has been history ever since. Adding to Tawni’s resume she also was an EMT and has education in Child Development. Tawni is known to bring the “Dad jokes” that you just cant help but to laugh too. Making the environment very light hearted and fun. 

“Where you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” Tawni brings the sunshine probably because she keeps her cup full outside of work. Staying active with the kids and family while traveling, boating, exploring, shooting, camping you name it Tawni does it with pizzazz. She also loves taking long walks on the beach with a cup of laughter, ha! A believer in God and what he provides is a staple in her morals, values and beliefs in life.


This Hygienist has a bachelor’s degree in Science. Prior to becoming a hygienist she was a Medical Assistant just adding that extra flare at Summit Dental! Every once in a while you will hear her speaking Spanish because it is her first language. In turn, provides an added value to our patients and us at Summit Dental. “Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you is your trademark.” Jenny has drive and positivity! Her goal in life is to have a positive impact on as many lives as she can. A little laugh can turn a bad day into a good one. 

When she is not on top of the mountain at Summit Dental you would find her in Rialto still exceeding the expectations of many. A notary and a mother of two amazing kids. Thats not all, Jenny is very involved with her family and can always be counted on to help. Jenny has a heart of gold that is still growing. Selfless and loving. When she is not taking care of others Jenny loves to dance. Music flows through her and loves to express that whenever she can. Give her dance with a side of laughter and Jenny’s heart of gold is beaming.


A registered and experienced Dental assistant since the year 2000. Debby always has had the goal to make everyone happy with their smile. Being one of the right-hand ladies to Doctor Yoshida it takes trust and knowledge. She waited until a spot opened up at Summit Dental because it was her dream to work here. Debby knew in her heart of hearts that Summit Dental was where she wanted to be. Her love of teeth is not just in what they do but the art of what they can be. It is art at its finest making someone’s teeth color, size, and shape to match perfectly. 

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.” – Proverb 3:5-6 A quote that Debby applies to life both in and out of work. Outside of work Debby finds enjoyment in the sweet and salty things. She loves what the earth provides and finds enjoyment being with it. Reading, exploring, the movies, etc. A fun fact is that she can snow ski really fast, but not water ski at all.


Devon born in Glendora but raised in Big Bear is our Dental Assistant. She helps Dr Yoshida but she is also the one that gets you going with Invisalign. Arriving at Summit Dental in 2021 she has found her place to say the least. A constant mover and shaker! Devon thrives when the office gets busy and is always recognized for getting things down when it happens. Devon strives to make patients feel calm. She wants to change the way people feel about coming to Summit Dental, and rather have them look forward to their appointment. 

Devon is a mother to her son with roots in Lake Arrowhead. Her hobbies consist of immersing herself in nature. She is captivated by all that this earth has to offer. Devon and her family love to hike and adventure. Seeing this world and all that has to offer is high on the list of importance. Having them off-road to live in a tent in an undisclosed location is the epitome of Devon. Happy Campers!


Audrey is the rookie at the office but a Veteran to our Country. She has served in the Navy as a Mechanic on helicopters. Always having that attention to detail and efficiency it has been an amazing addition to Summit Dental. Audrey doesn’t just have one job but many. Audrey finds excitement with organization and helping make everyone’s job easier in the office. Having absolutely no background in the dental field she has truly blossomed and found fit in life. Having a personality that can mold and adapt to any patient that comes in she can truly feel a human connection with all. 

Audrey can be found on the road in search of any body of water from a trickling stream to surfing the waves. She has a 1966 Avion cabover camper that her husband and two sons take everywhere. Audrey loves all things outdoors and if she cant be outdoors she has a jungle of plants indoors. Life to her isn’t just about being steady but instead riding the waves as high up as they go so that she can evolve to be the best version of herself.